Guaranteed Hours Policy

Note that the below is our standard Guaranteed Hours policy, however in rare occasions a facility may have special agreements in place that deviate from the below.  For these exceptions, the appropriate Guaranteed Hours policy would be explained in the clinician’s COA and the facility’s contract with SnapNurse.

Guaranteed hours are only paid for weeks in which a clinician actually works on an assignment, and in which they are ready, willing, and able to work any shift or position requested or required by the facility, subject to the terms below. The anticipated number of weeks for an assignment are not guaranteed, only the number of hours in each week in which a clinician meets the requirements for receipt of guaranteed hours. 

Guaranteed hours for any given week are void for that week if any of the following occurs: 

  • The facility schedules for at least the number of guaranteed hours
  • Facility or client ends contract or assignment early 
  • Facility or client never places clinician on assignment 
  • It is the first week of clinician’s assignment and your start date does not begin on a Sunday or Monday
  • It is the last week of clinician’s assignment and their end date is not Friday or Saturday
  • SnapNurse terminates contract, assignment, or employment relationship 
  • Clinician ends assignment early 
  • Clinician calls out or otherwise do not report for a shift 
  • Clinician is late to a shift or leave a shift early (the number of minutes that constitutes as a disqualifier is up to the facility)
  • Clinician requests any days or hours off for any reason (including if they are sick)
  • Clinician switches shifts with somebody else
  • Clinician refuses to work an alternate shift or duties* from your stated preference 

*There are times when a facility will experience low census. SnapNurse clinicians are expected to float to other units throughout the hospital if the facility needs. Refusal to float or perform requested duties, including but not limited to administrative duties, may forfeit guaranteed hours or may result in the termination of your assignment. 

There is no action a clinician needs to take to be paid Guaranteed Hours other than submitting timecards for hours actually worked in a timely manner.   The only action a facility needs to take is to approve any Guaranteed Hours that SnapNurse reaches out to verify.