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Patient Care starts with Credentialing Care

SnapNurse cares deeply about the issue of quality patient care and how it is delivered by professional, fully credentialed, and skilled nurses. It is a core commitment of our business, and we are very attentive to the breaking news about fraudulent nursing diplomas.

One way that SnapNurse protects clients against the risk of fraudulent degrees is that we require at least one (1) year of experience by our clinicians in their degree/specialty area. Exceptions to this policy are rare and are approved on a case-by-case basis by the Clinical Review team and client to ensure quality. Another way we protect our clients is that we require Relias Competency Assessments for our clinicians. This service helps our clients objectively assess the clinician’s knowledge, skills, and abilities. These assessments are designed to identify areas of strength and areas that need improvement in the workforce, with the goal of ensuring that clinicians have the necessary knowledge and skills to provide high-quality care to patients. In addition, licenses are Primary Source Verified (PSV) via Nursys and/or applicable state licensing board prior to each assignment. SnapNurse performs Primary Source Verification (PSV) of licensure for the clinician’s home State when the assignment State has emergency order authorization. SnapNurse also has an internal quality improvement program that includes monthly audits of clinicians after they go through our credentialing process. We are also in the process of implementing more frequent licensure checks via PreCheck (in addition to our monthly Sanctions/Exclusion checks). Here’s a shout-out to the more than 5 million clinicians out there who work carefully to keep their credentials and skills education up so they can do their best for their patients!

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