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The SnapNurse mobile unit recently faced a roadblock in the form of a land-stripped gorge on their way to their destination during wet & near-freezing conditions.

The only way to pass was with a 4×4 system or chains.

Despite having limited experience with installing chains, the team worked together to get them on the bus and rental van.

The process took about an hour for the bus and 45 minutes for the rental van, but ultimately the chains on the rental van proved to be more hindrance.

In the end, the team made the decision to remove the chains from the rental van and continue on with the bus leading the way with their most experienced winter driver at the wheel.

At no time did the team ever go above 25 mph, but they carried on, making it to their destination.

We are so impressed by the SnapNurse mobile unit’s determination and dedication to their work.

In the face of adversity, they remained focused on providing crucial healthcare services to those in need.

Thank you, SnapNurses, for being true healthcare heroes!

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