Welcome to the world of tech-enabled staffing

From start to finish, SnapNurse clinicians and clients are supported by purpose-built technology to drive down talent acquisition costs and keep our valued clinicians on assignment doing what they do best – delivering compassionate patient care when and where it is needed most.  


Job & Applicant Management System


InstaStaff enables sourcing, applicant tracking, workforce management, timecard approvals, booking, and credentialing. Using a proprietary algorithm and virtual assistant to match clinicians with exciting travel and long term contract opportunities that match their skills and preferences. SnapNurse clients can count on getting the right applicant where they need them in the fastest time.


Credentialing Management System


InstaCred is designed to allow clinicians to manage and maintain their professional profile, help them shine when presented to the client, and get snapped up quickly. Further, the profile information, such as work experience and education, drives SnapNurse’s proprietary matching engine that ensures a steady stream of tailored job recommendations to the clinician. SnapNurse clients have full access to their SnapNurses’ credential file.

SnapNurse Mobile 

Time and Attendance

Our system supports clinicians once on assignment. SnapNurse has developed SnapNurse Mobile for speed and convenience while on assignment. The system is used for the processing of all hourly timecards, reimbursement requests, and management of Guaranteed Hours and Stipends all of which also save our clients time and hassle.


End-of-Shift Payment System


SnapNurse’s earned wage access product, Paymint, lets clinicians pay themselves right from within the SnapNurse Mobile app. Unlike other earned wage solutions, SnapNurse allows clinicians to access 100% of eligible wages without any cost to them. Cha-ching! To read more: Click Here

SnapNurse is a thriving, happy community

Clinicians are encouraged to join the Get Snapped private Facebook page to receive posting, a first look at Hot Jobs and learn the latest from the Snap team.

Join the Tech-Enabled Revolution

SnapNurse’s technology platform is designed to support the on-the-go lifestyle of our local or travel clinicians. Clinician’s can apply for jobs, manage their credentials, submit timecards and pay themselves even at 3:00 am in the morning. Every SnapNurse, and the clients they support, are backed up by a world class 24×7 live support team.

More tech, with just the right touch when clinicians and clients need us most!