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In a recent episode of the Beckers Healthcare Podcast, Jeff Richards, SnapNurse Development and Operations Officer, discusses reducing agency spend in healthcare facilities through tech-enabled float pools.


Key Highlights on tech-enabled float pool management

• Increased Efficiency: Streamlined communication, shift requests, and shift acceptance lead to more efficient management of float pools


• Cost Savings: Utilizing a tech-enabled float pool reduces reliance on external staffing agencies, resulting in cost savings for healthcare facilities


• Staffing Flexibility: Tech-enabled platforms offer greater flexibility in filling shifts based on demand, ensuring optimal staffing levels


• Improved Matching: Advanced algorithms match clinicians’ skills and preferences to the specific needs of the facility, leading to better patient care outcomes


• Simplified Onboarding and Compliance: Technology platforms simplify the onboarding process and ensure compliance with credentialing requirements


• Facility Culture Integration: Seamless onboarding and facility culture integration foster teamwork and a positive work environment, benefiting both staff and patient care

By leveraging technology platforms, facilities can achieve greater efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance patient care outcomes. The streamlined communication, improved matching algorithms, and simplified onboarding process contribute to a more effective and flexible workforce management approach.

Embracing technology in float pool management is a significant step toward optimizing healthcare staffing and delivering quality care.  


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